Construction services

      Fulfilment of main construction services by Target Construction allows us to be more efficient within the tight term of the project implementation both on the key stages and during the construction process on the terms of the prime contract.

Prime contract

  • While implementing the projects on prime contract terms, our company has developed its own methodology of implementation which successfully contains elements of Project Management and the best practices of domestic construction sphere. The availability of the highly qualified design bureau and designing department allows in 90% of cases improve project solutions which have been developed by other companies. It allows reducing the budget and terms of construction implementation.

Ground works

  • Exploration of all kinds and categories of the ground for constructions of different complexity;

 Monolith works

  • Establishment of monolith reinforced concrete structures, including high-rise monolith framework buildings;

Manufacturing and mounting metal structures;

  • Control over production and mounting of responsible metal structures and bearing and fencing metal structures of buildings and constructions;

Roofing works

  • Roofing with application of hydro-isolating membrane covers in new contractions and with the reconstruction and capital reparation of old bituminous-polymer roofs in the objects of industrial, commercial and social purpose;


  • Establishment of industrial concrete continuous-pour and polymer floors;

Establishment of utility networks;

  • Establishment of external and internal networks of water supply, water discharge, heating, and electric power supply;

Interior and exterior trim;

  • Fulfilment of plastering, painting works; mounting gypsum board partitions and ceilings, tiling, decoration of faces;


  • Brickwork for bearing structures of the buildings and constructions and for filling embrasures and partitions, decoration of faces and fences.
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